The Bingbon Copy Trading Guide and comprehensive Review

The world of trading offers plethora of opportunities to traders when it comes to earning profits. Whether you are an experienced trader or a newbie, trading of stock, commodities, CFDs, indices, forex and cryptocurrencies is the ideal way to earn high profits and diversify your financial profits. In fact, if you are one of those traders who is particularly interested in forex trading, then social trading is definitely the best way forward. Many traders today are using the copy trading or social trading service provided by leading brokers to copy the trades or strategies of professional traders and place winning trades. One such popular copy trading service provider that has earned quite a reputation in the trading industry is Taiwan based Bingbon broker. Here, read a comprehensive review about the brokers and also discover the Bingbon copy trading guide


Introduction to the Broker

As far as Bingbon is concerned, the broker came into existence in May 2018. Despite being new to the industry, the broker has managed to grab the attention of several traders across the world. The broker established the platform after receiving an investment amount of 10 million from a leading Hong Kong based technology company called Grand Shores. Since then, Bingbon has managed to serve as many as 340,000 traders in different regions across the globe. 

The broker offers a wide range of financial instruments including forex and cryptocurrencies for trading. The copy trading platform is highly intuitive and easy to use as well as offers plenty of opportunities to traders who intend to earn profits with minimal efforts. In other words, those traders who are lack sufficient knowledge and understanding of different trading strategies can easily turn to Bingbon to find and follow professional traders to make desired profits. 

Another benefit of using the Bingbon copy trading platform is that their fee is very low when compared to many other social trading service providing brokers in the world. Given their highly professional and dedicated support team and a simple yet efficient trading interface, trading with the broker is both quick and hassle-free. 

The broker executes all orders, especially the large ones instantly without any slippage. It is easy to control position costs and the benefits that traders earn are generous. Another feature of Bingbon is that they settle all the profits in real-time, thus allowing traders to improve their capital efficiency.

Why Bingbon?

One of the primary reasons why many traders turn to Bingbon is because the broker holds a license for digital asset exchange from Europe. This implies that the broker emphasizes on efficient and safe contracts transactions to traders. Bingbon’s research & development team constitutes the best financial institutions as well as internet based companies in the Hong Kong, China and the United States. 

The broker makes use of a highly sophisticated 11-fold wallet based encryption as well as a framework that supports bank-level safety and security. As part of their contract system, traders are introduced to a Bitcoin 3rd party spot index financial market which is transparent as well as open and offers support to investors in terms of checking and ensuring no manipulation. Based on their requirements, investors can pick their preferredtraders and analysts to follow them for smart trading. 


It is only ideal for traders to choose a broker platform that is duly regulated by reputed regulatory bodies. This is where traders won’t have any issue with Bingbon. The broker has recently acquired its their AUSTRAC License through Australia based regulators. At the beginning of 2020, the broker had announced that their platform had received the MSB license via FinCEN as well as the MTR license from Estonia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. This enables Bingbon to provide trading services and tools to traders in the European Union and the United States in addition to Australia. The broker also offers its wallet services to traders in the European Union. 

It must be noted that Bingbon already has a solid presence in Asia, including in countries like Taiwan and Vietnam (where the broker captures nearly 40% of the market). Apart from this, they also have a significant presence in countries such as Russia, Japan and Korea. 

The broker, now plans to extend its presence in the English speaking countries by offering crypto derivatives, CFD as well as social trading platform. 

Copy Trading at Bingbon

If you are among those traders who have little to no time to keep a track of the markets, then copy trading is certainly a good option for you. The biggest advantage of copy trading is that it takes away the hassle of designing & implementing a strategy for placing winning trades. Put simply, a trader just needs to follow any experienced trader to place profitable trades. This is exactly why, platforms such as Bingbonhave gained immense popularity among newbie and professional traders. 

With Bingbon’s copy trading or social trading platform, traders can reap high profits by simply choosing the best traders in the industry. In order to use the Bingboncopy trading platform, traders must first sign up or create an account with the broker and later download the Android and iOS mobile application to keep a track of their trades. 

Once they have done the needful, traders are required to visit the Bingbon community to find their preferred or successful traders and follow as well as copy their strategies or trades. It is within this particular section that traders can also find statistics of each and every trader. These includes details like the amount of profit earned through trading, the total days that the traders have spent on the exchange as well as their productivity in the past 3 weeks. 

Apart from this, traders can also find other very important details like the professional trader’s losses in past 3 weeks, their total orders for those weeks and the followers of that particular trader. Based on these assessments and analysis, traders can choose their preferred trader to copy his/her trades and earn high profits.


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